Although it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to obtain a mortgage pre-approval before buying a new home. Contrary to what some might believe, pay stubs are perhaps the most important documents when applying for mortgage pre-approval.

Despite the many benefits of pay stubs, many employers and workers are still negligent about them. Yet these seemingly insignificant documents could be a main factor when buying a home. Businesses can use a suitable pay stub creator to produce pay stubs consistently to ensure that all workers have them. For this reason, there is no excuse for employees to miss the opportunity to become owners because of these pay stubs.

Buying a new home can be quite a daunting process. Besides looking for a house, future owners must look for financing. Since buying a property is an expensive affair, people often need financial assistance from lenders such as banks. Getting a mortgage pre-approval is always a good first step when looking to buy a new home. This will allow potential homeowners to budget and help prepare people for the formal mortgage application. Although many documents are required when applying for mortgage pre-approval, pay stubs are perhaps the most important.

For lenders to pre-approve a mortgage, they must first establish a person’s ability to repay it. Therefore, banks and other lenders ask for proof of income to determine financial health. In most cases, lenders would require employees to provide pay stubs for at least the past 30 days. Some lenders may even require check stubs from a few previous months to better protect their interests. For this reason, employers and workers need to understand the importance of these documents. Although pay stubs aren’t necessarily required by law, these documents can make or break your dreams of owning a home.

Even so, the benefits of pay stubs go beyond the dreams of owning a home. There are many ways pay stubs could be beneficial. Here are some other main uses for pay stubs.

Rent an apartment

Although people primarily use pay stubs to provide proof of income to lenders, they are also very useful when applying to rent an apartment. Since landlords face enormous uncertainty when taking on tenants, many use pay stubs to mitigate this risk. Pay stubs help landlords determine if a potential tenant is financially eligible to pay rent on a consistent basis.

Get a credit card

Another common use for pay stubs is when looking for a credit card. In most cases, these documents help people looking to get their first credit card. Due to the depth of check stubs, credit card companies use them to determine the credit limit they can extend. Although several other determining factors can influence an applicant’s credit amount, check stubs are perhaps the most important. Lenders use these documents to establish your current and future income and check your creditworthiness.

Employment background check

Employees can also use pay stubs when applying for other jobs. Many recruiters usually refer to a potential employee’s old pay stubs to understand their work history. For this reason, employees should ensure that they keep enough pay stubs from their previous employers.

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