CLEAR WATER (WQOW) – Eau Claire City Council voted Tuesday to approve items that will impact the community.

The board voted to approve a state loan to help fund the library renovation project. According to the board’s agenda file, the library raised $7 million in donations and grants to fund the project. But some of that money won’t be received until late 2024.

To offset the money needed now that construction is complete, the city has agreed to accept a loan from the state trust fund not to exceed $2 million. The loan is repayable over five years and the library is responsible for its payment.

Another topic at the city council meeting revolved around plans for a walking trail along the west side of Eau Claire’s Half Moon Lake.

The city council voted unanimously to send the project up for auction. The revised plan includes an elevated boardwalk allowing people to go into the wetlands without disturbing wildlife and vegetation. It will pass behind the tennis center adjacent to Carson Park and lead to Rod and Gun Park.

Its cost is estimated between 1 and 1.5 million dollars. Once bids have been received, the trail still needs to be approved by the city council. If that happens, construction could begin this spring.