A group under the Benue People of Conscience (B-POC) umbrella has called on the Federal Government to ensure that the N41.39 billion loan and final Paris Club tranche repays around N14.9 billion. naira that has been withdrawn by the federal government is handed over to the Benue State government to offset workers’ pensions, wages and gratuities.

It was even then that the group warned all the sons and daughters of Benue whose business it is to take down other politicians for pecuniary gain to desist from this act or risk facing the law of karma in a close future.

In a statement signed by John Orshio and the secretary, Tersoo Iorbee, the group expressed its displeasure at a situation in which the federal government would block Benue State from accessing the 41.39 billion naira loan approved by the government. ‘Benue State Assembly, to pay workers salaries and pensions describing it as unnecessary.

According to the group, “Ordinarily we would not have commented, but the situation where the federal government is putting impediments in the political wheels of the governor’s administration and, by extension, the people of the Benue State, has reached an unprecedented level.

“The Benue People of Conscience believe that even though the Federal Government has a score to settle with Governor Ortom, it should not have allowed such issues to affect the brave people of Benue State who are currently facing to many challenges, including attacks by armed herdsmen that left an estimated 2 million people displaced in camps across the state.

The group informed that the N41 billion loan was not even a new loan, adding that it was a revalidation of the N69 billion loan which was approved in 2015 and that at this at that time, of the total amount, only N28 billion had been released.

“In 2015, the states asked for the bailout, which the federal government decided to grant to them to cushion the effect of the recession and allow them to pay the unpaid wages and pensions, we wonder why after the release of 28 billion of Naira to Benue State, the Federal Government has blocked the Governor from accessing the balance even though some states had received their originally requested balance and Benue does not yet have access to it, due to political reasons.

“For the avoidance of doubt, we would like to advise the Federal Government that all state funds belong to the people and as such should not be seen as granting favors to their favored states and excluding those perceived as his enemies,” he said. said.

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