WASHINGTON – As President Joseph R. Biden prepares to sign his key infrastructure bill, New York Senator Charles E. Schumer has said he will bring billions of dollars in investment to the state.

“Biparty infrastructure is a record deal and a unique investment in New York’s infrastructure,” he said. “A construction and employment windfall for construction projects from Westchester to Watertown, and everywhere in between, is now brewing. “

The legislation includes funding that would specifically target the northern country and funding that would increase spending in New York state. Overall, $ 16.1 billion of the $ 1.2 trillion spent, or 1.34%, is dedicated specifically to New York State, while the state has access to billions of dollars. additional in grants made available by the many sub-bills.

Senator Schumer announced this summer that the infrastructure bill includes $ 1 billion in funding for the restoration and protection of the Great Lakes system. Funding will be dedicated to the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, a group that has been in existence since 2010 and dedicated to cleaning up and protecting the environments that feed and are nourished by the Great Lakes.

There are a number of national provisions that would increase infrastructure funding in New York City, with $ 86.9 billion on the bill of over $ 1,000 billion dedicated specifically to transit and highway projects.

Airports in northern countries are expected to receive millions of dollars in additional funding. Watertown International Airport will receive $ 5.08 million, Ogdensburg International will receive $ 5.1 million, Malone-Dufort Airport will receive $ 550,000, Massena International and Richards Field will receive $ 1.48 million, l Potsdam Municipal Airport and Damon Airfield will receive $ 1.48 million, and Oswego County Airport will receive $ 790,000.

These airport grants will primarily be spent on upgrading facilities and on projects to improve capacity, ease of use and accessibility. The money can also be used for terminal upgrades and “multimodal connections” that link an airport with other non-automatic forms of transport to improve connections.

New York will get $ 11.5 billion in the typical breakdown of highway spending, plus $ 142 million for electric vehicle infrastructure and $ 1.9 billion in additional funding for highway bridge repairs.

Statewide rail projects will receive billions of dollars, focused on Amtrak’s passenger services that span Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany and the Albany-New York corridor. $ 688 million will be used to cover New York State costs to replace Amtrak rail cars used in upstate New York, and $ 24 billion will be used to upgrade the northeast corridor Amtrak, which connects Boston and Albany to New York and Washington DC

For internet access, Senator Schumer said there was $ 65 billion available for communities like the north of the country, the southern part and the Mohawk Valley, which are the three regions with the lowest state broadband coverage level.

There is $ 14.2 billion that will establish the Affordable Connectivity Program, which will provide financial support to pay Internet bills for families up to 200% of the federal poverty level. There is $ 2 billion to be spent on the Ministry of Agriculture’s ReConnect Loans and Grants Program, Rural Broadband Access Loan and Guarantee Program, all of which are used to help connect. rural areas to high-speed internet and keep them connected.

The infrastructure bill also includes billions of dollars for water infrastructure, with $ 15 billion taken from the state’s revolving drinking water fund to replace lead-in service lines at nationwide. It is estimated that there are 360,000 or more lead water pipes in New York State, although many northern communities like Watertown and Gouverneur have already received money from the state for replace their lead pipes.

Senator Schumer hailed the legislation as a victory for New York and the infrastructure of the country as a whole.

“Whether it’s our transit system, critical repairs to bridges or highways, repairing our metro tunnels, improving security at our airports, bridging the digital divide or guaranteeing safe drinking water for all, this bill will rebuild and revive the infrastructure of the Empire State and create well-paying jobs for the communities that need them most, ”he said. to rebuild better.

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