There is still little known about the lifetime benefit pension which the mini-pension of long-term low earners is to increase. Fact is at least that the income of the partner should be taken into account in the calculation. The German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) warns that the pension insurance is so “the second social welfare office”.

Less than a week ago, the governing parties agreed not only on the abolition of the practice fee and the introduction of the childcare allowance, but also on the life benefits pension. Gradually, more details come to light. It was already known that only those low-income earners profit from the increase in their mini-pensions, which paid contributions to the pension fund for 40 years and also made provisions in private, for example through a Riester pension. In addition, the income of the spouse or partner should be counted. If the partner earns too much, the lifetime benefit pension will be missed. But to check this, the German pension insurance (DRV) would have to act similar to the job center at Hartz IV recipients and examine the relationships of the applicants. The DRV warns of a “bureaucratic double structure”.

DGB: “Coalition makes big mistake”

Annelie Buntenbach from the German Trade Union Confederation criticizes in the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” the planned crediting of the partner income: “The coalition makes the big mistake to make the pension insurance by the Lebensleistungsrente the second social welfare office.” Because the DRV would have to determine in the end, if the applicant only living in a shared flat or at least with your partner. The necessary infrastructure would first have to be created and would lead to more bureaucracy. In addition, applicants and partners are obliged to disclose their circumstances, which is “unworthy” for Buntenbach.

Lifetime pension not for all concerned

It is still uncertain how many pensioners can actually expect the planned increase in their low pension. Labor Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) evaluates the coalition decision so that the pension of low-income earners is increased by 10 to 15 euros above the amount of the highest basic security claim. Up to 850 euros would be possible, which corresponds to the extent of their failed grant pension. But the FDP instead assumes the nationwide average of the basic security benefit of 688 euros. This would mean a lifetime benefit pension of around 700 euros. Applicants who are entitled to higher basic security will then not benefit from the increase.

SPD and DGB criticize Lebensleistungsrente

The SPD rejects the pension concept of the governing parties. SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel told the “world”: “What is offered now has nothing to do with the idea of ​​Mrs von der Leyen in the fight against old age poverty, but is evil cynicism and no basis for a compromise.” His party instead wants to stick to the solidarity. DBG board member Buntenbach perceives the Lebensleistungsrente as a “big hoax” and instead calls “a pension summit of federal and state, so that even something useful against old-age poverty comes out.” On Tuesday evening, first want to put together the pensions politicians of the governing parties to details of Lebensleistungsrente to discuss.

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