Potatoes in Mexico and milk tariffs in Canada

From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson with your agribusiness update.

**Great news from the National Potato Council that the first shipments of fresh American potatoes have crossed into Mexico.

The May 11 crossings mark the beginning of Mexico’s restoration of full market access for U.S. potatoes.

The shipments come after more than 25 years of regulatory and legal stonewalling by Mexico, and a year after the Mexican Supreme Court cleared US potatoes for legally permitted import.

**The National Milk Producers Federation and the US Dairy

Export Council calls on U.S. government to impose retaliatory tariffs on Canada after making clear it refuses to meet contractual obligations under U.S.-Mexico-Canada Dairy Market Access Agreement .

In January, a USMCA dispute settlement panel set up by the United States found that Canada’s dairy TRQ system violated USMCA terms.

Canada released a new TRQ proposal in March that included minimal changes.

** Congress could create a loans and guarantees program to increase competition in the meat processing industry under a bill approved by the House Ag Committee.

www.agriculture.com reports the bill would authorize up to $20 million a year for loan guarantees.

Sponsors say the bill would be a permanent version of a USDA $500 million initiative announced last summer.

The USDA offers loans, grants, and expert advice as a way to increase capacity and create new markets.