Mintos has removed loans from Russian and Ukrainian loan companies from its conservative strategy.

Earlier in the day, Russian troops entered Ukraine after Vladimir Putin announced a “special military operation” in the east of the country, following the recent reinforcement of the Russian army on the Ukrainian border.

Yesterday, European lending market Mintos cut lending from online bank Kviku, securitization fund management company Mikro Kapital and Mokka, a fintech specializing in buy-it-pay-later solutions.

Once removed from Mintos’ conservative strategy, investments in loans from these companies will no longer be available for standard withdrawals, but investors will still be able to buy and sell loans from Russia and Ukraine on the secondary market of the platform.

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Loans from these lending companies and others from Russia and Ukraine will continue to be available for investment in custom automated strategies, manual strategies, and Mintos high yield and diversified strategies.

Mintos told investors that the situation in Ukraine has not yet affected borrower repayments and that communication between Russian and Ukrainian lending companies and Mintos is working seamlessly. The platform added that it was monitoring the situation for any changes.

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“Over the past few months, we have been closely monitoring the tensions caused by the Russia-Ukraine crisis, as we work with loan companies in both countries,” Mintos said in a blog post on its website yesterday.

“We are now reacting to the most recent developments in this case… Currently, we are not experiencing any interruptions in the flow of repayments from borrowers from Russian and Ukrainian loan companies on Mintos.

“We have also contacted lending companies for their comments, and according to their comments, the current situation does not affect the repayment discipline of borrowers.

“At this time, we cannot predict how further escalation of the crisis and sanctions could affect lenders in these markets. We are monitoring the situation and, as a precautionary measure, we are reviewing the impact of market risks. on Mintos’ risk score for loans from loan companies in Russia and Ukraine.

This follows Mintos’ response to the unrest in Kazakhstan last month. On January 10, the platform removed access to loans issued in Kazakhstan due to social unrest in the country.

It lifted the precautionary measures on Jan. 13 as restrictions on international payments were lifted and the platform received proof of payment from all of its Kazakhstan loan companies.