CALGARY, Alta., March 7, 2022 /CNW/ – Online Fintech Platform, LendingArch, from Canada 4and The fastest growing technology company today announced its continued growth and innovation in from Canada Auto credit sector. With over 600 dealers in its highly sought-after network, LendingArch has the capability that very few platforms in Canada have: to directly connect a consumer with their best chance of being approved for financing and getting the vehicle they are looking for.

Farhad Nabian has led LendingArch’s auto loan division since 2015 and is currently one of the most well-known auto loan providers in the industry. “We are pleased to report our continued growth and innovation in the Canadian auto loan market. We are experts in helping consumers find the vehicle they need, regardless of their credit score or personal circumstances,” says Farhad.

LendingArch’s platform is simple. A consumer visits the platform (for free) and requests a no-obligation pre-approval for a car loan. Once that consumer is notified (usually within minutes) that they are pre-approved, they are then matched with the best dealership to meet their needs and requirements. Applicants end up in a new or used vehicle, usually within days of applying to LendingArch. This process takes the hassle out of shopping at multiple dealerships and eliminates the hassle of finding a car they like, only to find out they can’t be approved for vehicle financing.

“What we do for consumers is provide the freedom of choice and a low-stress process for obtaining a car loan,” says Farhad. “Consumers and dealers love using our services because we put the customer first in every aspect. With over 20,000 Canadians applying for a car loan through our division every month, we’ve seen it all to self-employed and retired people, prime and subprime clients, all of whom we strive to help through our platform,” says Farhad.

Even in a tight inventory market, LendingArch continues to help customers find the vehicle they want, solely through its extensive dealer network that gives LendingArch access to thousands of vehicles nationwide. LendingArch also provides some of the best leads to car dealerships, as its consumer approach results in a high-intent customer with an immediate need to find the vehicle of their choice, whether it’s an SUV, a truck, car or van, LendingArch can help in any case. In Canadacar dealerships consider LendingArch the best place to get car loan leads, especially in a market where digital platforms and online apps are taking over.

LendingArch has proven its ability to provide loans to applicants online since 2015, having helped over 500,000 Canadians through its online platform and continues to work on many new initiatives they have within their extensive business development department. and innovation.

About LendingArch

Established in 2015, LendingArch is one of North America fastest growing loan comparison platforms that allow borrowers to compare rates from multiple lenders, comparing credit card rates, auto loans, personal loans, small business loans and even credit reconstruction services. LendingArch’s platform is free to consumers nationwide. Anyone can apply for a loan through LendingArch, at no cost to themselves.

LendingArch currently serves over 500,000 Canadians, and more than 30,000 new Canadians sign up for LendingArch’s services, including its auto lending division, each month. LendingArch was recently named from Canada 15and fastest growing company by Report on Business TV and the Globe and Mail, and from Canada 4and Fastest Growing Company by Maclean’s Magazine and Canadian Business Journal. LendingArch is owned by parent company Consumer Genius Inc. Consumer Genius has also recently embarked on United States and Australiaproviding similar services to residents of these countries.

SOURCE LendingArch Financial Inc.

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