On Sunday, a 30-year-old rickshaw driver named Anoop from Kerala Thiruvananthapuram couldn’t believe his luck when he won a jackpot of Rs 25 crore in the state government’s exceptional Onam lottery. According to the Times of India, the lottery ticket was purchased by the man on Saturday evening. Apparently, he didn’t have enough money to buy the ticket, so he took the risk of breaking the bank for his two-year-old son. The rickshaw driver was a cook in a restaurant, but he had to change jobs to make ends meet.

He said, “I wanted to buy the ticket but lacked Rs 500 needed for it. I bought the ticket at a lottery agency. The man was planning to move to Malaysia to become a chef and was waiting for his visa when his life took a sudden turn. Apparently, Anoop applied for a loan of 3 lakh from a cooperative bank for his trip. The bank called him to inform him that his loan application had been approved, but Anoop will no longer need the loan. According to PTI, Anoop had applied for a loan of Rs 3 Lakh which was approved a day after winning the outstanding lottery. Moreover, he was also planning to go to Malaysia to work as a chef.

He added, “I had applied for a loan of Rs 3 lakh from a cooperative bank. They informed me yesterday that it had been approved. I have informed them now that I do not want this loan. Anoop, who often buys lottery tickets from her cousin Sujaya, a lottery agent, this time decided to buy it directly from an agency. Apparently he didn’t like the numbers on the first ticket given to him and decided to choose another one. He continued: “I thought I would buy it directly from the agency this time, but it was not the first ticket I took. I was unhappy with the serial number of the first note I selected. The number 750605 seemed like a fancy number to me.

The rickshaw driver had participated in lottery draws several times but ultimately only won cash prizes of up to Rs 2,000. Even this time, Anoop didn’t expect much and c It was his wife who informed him of his exceptional gain on Sunday afternoon. “I have been participating in lotteries since I was 22 and have won prizes many times, but the maximum prize I got was only Rs 2,000,” he explained.

Asked about his future plans, Anoop said he wanted to pay back the money he borrowed from people and build his own house. Besides that, he wants to help his cousin sister and other relatives. He planned to move to Malaysia to become a chef, but now aims to open his own restaurant in the city. He said, “I’m going to open my own hotel in the city now. I had tried my own roadside restaurant before Onam. I’m thinking of a bigger one now.

About participating in lottery draws again in the future, Anoop said it’s a thrill no one can stop. After the tax deduction, the winner will receive Rs 15.75 crore from the Rs 25 crore.

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