“Mortgage” is probably the average homeowner’s least favorite word in the English language.

However, some aspects of a mortgage, like getting a mortgage approved, don’t always have to be difficult. In fact, there are a number of places in Pennsylvania where getting a mortgage is made relatively easy compared to others.

SmartAsset.com financial security experts looked at four different aspects of the housing market in a study: overall borrowing costs; the likelihood of obtaining a mortgage; property taxes; and annual mortgage payments.

They then researched the following mortgage approval rates in each state and found these to be the top 10 places for such approval in Pennsylvania:

  1. union
  2. Center
  3. Butler
  4. Blair
  5. Huntington
  6. Somerset
  7. Lancaster
  8. Lycoming
  9. Tioga
  10. cumberland

“Let’s face it: shopping around for mortgages can be a struggle,” admits the study. “Check interest rates, fill out loan applications, choose a lender; all the choices and the numbers can be overwhelming.

“But it is worth the research and the time. Comparing mortgage rates between lenders is one of the first steps in the home buying process. This allows you to budget by giving you an idea of ​​your total monthly mortgage payments.

As the SmartAsset.com study noted, there are a ton of other factors that make a mortgage attractive to potential buyers. You also have to look at things like the best markets for mortgages, something that these Areas of Pennsylvania excel in:

  1. Somerset
  2. Mercier
  3. Sullivan
  4. Huntington
  5. Center
  6. Bedford
  7. Blair
  8. Lycoming
  9. Butler
  10. union

“Before signing your paperwork, it’s a good idea to research your lender,” the study further advises. “Read reviews, the company’s website, and any home buying material published by the lender. This can help you get a feel for the company before doing business.