NEW DELHI: At least 15 people, including nine women, have been arrested after police dismantled a bogus call center in the Sagarpur area, southwest of Delhi.
The racketeering allegedly duped people under the pretext of granting business loans.
Three people were the masterminds of the racketeering, police said. “We arrested two kingpins, Prince and Rahul. The other defendant is still at large,” said an officer.
Police said they got information that a fake call center was operating in the Sagarpur area. The Anti-Auto Theft Squad (AATS) team under the supervision of DCP (South West) Gaurav Sharma and ACP (operations) Abhinendra Jain raided the scene and 15 people were caught.
DCP Sharma said Prince previously worked at a call center in Janakpuri where, along with other associates, he defrauded people under the guise of offering personal loans.
“After learning all the tricks of the loan and insurance process, Prince, Rahul and another associate opened a bogus call center and hired call agents,” police said.
Another defendant, Rahul, worked as a munshi at Dwarka court and then quit his job. Subsequently, he started working as a telephone operator in a call center and worked for almost three years. In 2020, due to Covid, he lost his job and got in touch with his school friend Ekant and started working at a call center where he met Prince.
Police added that one of the defendants used to collect data on ordinary people and pass it on to other associates. Both female and male callers called unsuspecting people to offer them Bajaj Finserv loans.
“They used to send bogus loan approval letters to applicants. These scammers would ask them (victims) to pay 10,000 rupees as sanctioned loan insurance and 2-3% for loan fees. record and processing, ”the officer added. Police said the victims transferred the money to the accounts of these fraudsters and were duped.

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