Beyeonics, medical device spin-off from Elbit Systems, raises $ 36 million

Elbit Systems Ltd. announced that its subsidiaries, Beyeonics Surgical Ltd. and Beyeonics Vision Ltd., had concluded a funding round totaling $ 36 million. The funding round includes an investment in Beyeonics Surgical and Beyeonics Vision totaling $ 26 million led by Italian investment fund TechWald Holding and Israeli investment fund Alive Israel HealthTech and with participation of existing shareholders LR Group, XT Hi-Tech, Aurum Ventures and Mivtach Shamir; and a $ 10 million convertible loan to Beyeonics Vision by global ophthalmic surgery company BVI Medical. Following the investment, Elbit Systems is a minority shareholder of Beyeonics Surgical and Beyeonics Vision.

Beyeonics Surgical and Beyeonics Vision are medical technology companies that aim to interface systems in operating rooms using augmented reality, image tracking and processing / AI platforms, providing surgeons with valuable information and decision advice while performing automatic tasks. The technology is designed to set a new standard of viewing and control in operating rooms by creating an integrated work environment.

Bezhalel (Butzi) Machlis, President and CEO of Elbit Systems, said, “Completion of an additional round of funding demonstrates the commercial potential of our technologies. We are proud to have created companies that take advantage of some of our unique technologies to dramatically improve the capabilities of operating room surgeons. We hope this investment will allow Beyeonics Surgical and Beyeonics Vision to expand product development, include additional surgical applications, and accelerate time to market.

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