Real Madrid fans have all the love in the world for Carlo Ancelotti, who corrected his mistakes and led Los Blancos to success in 2021/22 that many Madridistas didn’t even predict. Carlo won the Champions League for the second time in his Madrid career and locked down the league early, producing a season for the ages at the helm of the Royal White ship.

But if there’s another lingering criticism Madridistas have of Ancelotti that’s important for the club going forward, it’s his reluctance to give young Castile players a chance. Antonio Blanco, Sergio Arribas and, above all, Miguel Gutierrez have been very impressive in 2020/21 under Zinedine Zidane. Miguel and Peter Federico have also had great moments in 2021/22. But they were all rarely used by the legendary Italian manager.

Maybe a Real Madrid Castilla prospect can change that with striker Juanmi Latasa. The well-rounded No.9 has a legitimate chance to be the team’s second striker for the 2022/23 season, although that may depend on Real’s ability to sell/loan both Luka Jovic and Mariano Diaz. Jovic is apparently close to a loan at Fiorentina, but Mariano remains a difficult case…

Anyway, Latasa could also be a third option. He was fantastic for Castilla last season and showed he deserved some consideration in the first team.

Juanmi Latasa has the traits Real Madrid expect in a striker

Real Madrid demand a lot from their attackers, especially when it comes to holding up and the ability to involve their teammates. Los Blancos like to take advantage of wingers who can score a lot of goals which means their striker needs to be equally prolific in passing and shooting. Karim Benzema has set the benchmark in many ways, so it’s hard for Real to find a striker with the required technical and tactical traits.

Latasa has promises. Carlo would watch Edin Dzeko but Los Blancos rightly want to become younger than Dzeko.

But if the interest in Dzeko is real, which is doubtful but not inconceivable, then why wouldn’t Carletto consider Latasa? The young striker is there for free and has similar traits to Dzeko. He’s big, he can create chances and he can do a lot of dirty work offensively to help the players around him.

Latasa could be Castilla player Ancelotti’s values ​​because of these traits. He’s the kind of player who could take full advantage of a chance or two and then go from there, find a key niche role in the team and develop as the 2022/23 season progresses.

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I can’t guarantee what Ancelotti will do or how he sees the players, but I can say that on paper Latasa has a fighting chance and an advantage that others don’t have. He has a rare skill set and is the kind of player Carlo seems to enjoy.

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